Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the insulation performance of busbar?
A: To make a good busbar, Eagtop laminates several conductors into one electrical component, and have it tightly sealed at the edges. The shock-proof and dust-proof qualities of our busbar are therefore greatly enhanced.

Q: What is the rated current of busbar?
A: The rated current of busbar ranges from 10-1000A, which could satisfy most of our customer's demand.

Q: How long is the delivery cycle of samples and orders?
A: The delivery cycle is up to how complicated the product is. Generally speaking, the delivery cycle of our product is about 5 weeks.

Q: Can our products meet the insulating demand?
A: Busbar products are insulated with professional insulation material. We can offer insulant with different thickness upon request. Conventionally, we use insulant with a thickness about 0.35mm in the middle. For the out layer, it is about 0.18mm. Accordingly, our products are capable of withstanding a voltage of AC 4000V. We can do even better according to customers' request.