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EAGTOP is a specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing passive power electronics devices. Our main products include film capacitor, laminated busbar, liquid cooling plates, composite superconducting flat heat pipe, 3D phase change heat sink, reactor, resistor, braking unit, EMC filter and so on. EAGTOP has passed the certification of quality management system ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949-2009.

EAGTOP is constantly committed to pioneering and innovating products in its industry, and provides highly competitive and comprehensive solutions to the electronic passive device for worldwide customers. Our products are used in various fields, such as industrial drive, new energy, railway transportation, power quality, etc. In persistent pursuit of fully understanding customers’ demands and putting effort into conducting collaborative R&D together with our customers, we strive to improve the user experience and create value for our customers to the largest extent.

    1. Laminated Busbar The laminated busbar is applied to connect the power devices of the electrical and electronic product. It reduces the distributed inductance of the circuit by means of the structural style of the lamination and parallel distribution of the anode and cathode. More >>
    1. Film Capacitor The film capacitor uses the organic film as the insulating medium. Besides, a metal layer made by evaporation on the surface of the organic film is used as the electrode. More >>
    1. Water Cooled Heat Sink The power components such as IGBT, GTO, etc., are employed in this water cooled heat sink which is a type of highly efficient radiator. More >>
    1. Flat Heat Pipe The flat heat pipe is a heat transfer element with outstanding thermal conductivity. Replying on the special working fluid for heat and mass transfer during phase transition, the heat transfer device offers the thermal conductivity 10,000 times that of the heat tube produced from the same metal material. More >>
    1. Reactor Reactor, also inductor, is a kind of electrical component mainly used to maintain current at constant levels by resisting any changes in the current. More >>
    1. Three-Phase Input Filter 1. High insertion loss
      2. Excellent EMI noise suppression
      3. Optimized for long motor cable and operation under full load
      More >>
    1. Resistor A resistor is a conducting material which has a specific value of resistance. A pair of electrodes and leads is attached to it in order to facilitate the flow of current. More >>
    1. Braking Unit The braking unit in the DBU series is applied to consume in the braking resistor the regenerative energy produced in the deceleration process of the motor in the form of heat energy. More >>

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